Transport for Wales (TfW) is disenfranchising communities with proposals to cut four daily trains and cuts to bus services.

So says Mabon ap Gwynfor MS who raised the matter in the Senedd.

He said: “There will be four [train] services less a day, with services extended in summer for visitors, disenfranchising those people who live in those communities who are served by this line and are dependent on it for education, employment, shopping and other essentials.

“This follows cuts to the T2, T3 and 32 bus services, which means people are now dependent on cars or lifts from family and friends.

“In all these cases, we haven't received any kind of consultation.

“In terms of the railway, the government has withdrawn Llanbedr funding, encouraging people to use public transport, and now the people of Llanbedr can't use the railway as often.”

He asked the Minister for Transport to give an urgent statement on these issues, and demonstrate how Welsh Government is going to provide appropriate public transport for the people of Dwyfor Meirionnydd and rural areas.

He added: “There is now a clear impression in rural Wales that this Government has turned its back on our rural communities.

“Rural Dwyfor Meirionnydd is fast becoming a desert in terms of accessing reliable public transport.

“My constituents have suffered a catalogue of damaging cuts to bus and rail services, making life extremely challenging for many, especially the young and the vulnerable.

“I’m afraid the government seem indifferent to the lived experience of people across Dwyfor Meirionnydd who are finding accessing public services, getting to work or school is exacerbated by unreliable public transport.

“The people in the communities that have been impacted haven't had their voices heard, and nor have they been able to take part in a process to make these decisions.”

Mr ap Gwynfor asked what what steps will he take to ensure bus services will be restored, and rail services maintained.

Jane Hutt MS said there are pressures and TfW need to see what can be afforded whilst also looking at the travel habits of passengers post-Covid.