A famed Aeron Valley UFO-logist has more reports of lights on the horizon.

Helena Worth flew to fame last year after the Cambrian News feature hit national headlines about her love of spotting potentially extraterrestrial life.

One year on Helena says she has found more community like her with her five minutes in the spotlight and has since seen other exciting sky-based activities.

Helena declined invites to appear on TV as she didn’t speak out for the attention: “I spoke out because people need to know that we’re not the only intelligent beings in this universe.

“The more I tell this story, the more other people with sightings will feel comfortable to come forward - there’s no point keeping it a secret.

“95 per cent of comments were positive- ‘well done for coming out and reducing stigma’.

“A few haters said I was an attention seeker or lying but I try to ignore those - there are always haters in life.”

She made friends in her lifelong home of Ciliau Aeron- neighbours thought her sightings “amazing” and wanted to learn more: “It felt good because here I’m not lucky enough to have UFO groups I can visit regularly.”

But she’s not alone, even in Wales- Swansea UFO Network (SUFON) and Monmouthshire UFO Group take reports of sightings and have become fast friends with Helena and others like her, all looking for the extraordinary in the unexplained.

Wales seem to have hotspots for sightings- like the Aeron Valley where Helena suggests UFOs may hide from military radar systems, or are attracted to where water collects.

Port Talbot has been labelled an area for “extremely high numbers of UFO sightings” by actor Michael Sheen, where it has become entwined with folklore, pollution and steelwork ‘fallout’.

Talbot local and photographer Roo Lewis wrote on the local phenomena: ‘UFO-logy becomes a faith in itself – a belief system we carve in the absence of knowing, or ability to ever really know...

“This coupled with our limited capacity for truth makes a captivating subject – a hotbed of storytelling never to be ruined with facts.”

Helena Worth
Helena is a firm believer that intelligent life is out there and that aliens have visited Earth (Picture supplied)

Then last September the unlikely happened again.

At 9.51pm on 10 Sept in a high altitude lightning storm over Aberaeron a sighting of “high strangeness” appeared: “The first time I didn’t capture it on video, but then it reappeared- an orange ball of plasma heading out to sea.

“I believe some of these orbs are living beings.

“Either intelligent themselves or hiding inside a craft.

“To me, they are extraterrestrial anomalies.”

According to Helena these orbs are attracted to lightning storms, with other reports of orbs splitting or dancing with other orbs.

The orb was low enough that she could see it wasn’t a drone- it had no propellers- so is ‘unidentified anonymous phenomena’ or UAPs - the new term for UFOs.

Then on 29 February at 6.59pm another UAP appeared, with six other sightings documented that same week according to Swansea UFO Network.

Helena spotted jets so drove to Neuaddlwyd to watch what she thought was either a training exercise or the jets “investigating something anomalous”. After watching for an hour the jets left and something else appeared: “I’ve been sky-watching since I was a little girl.

“I know what satellites look like.

“This UAP was bigger and much much slower and lower than the clouds.

“It travelled southwest, pulsating.

“There was no sound, no jet stream, no wings, no navigation lights.”

Sometimes her son, 14, goes with her on these sky gazing trips, whilst her daughter, 18, doesn’t participate but lets her know when interesting things are happening above.

Helena said: “There is far, far more evidence of extra-terrestrial life visiting Earth than there is of god.

“I always look up - that’s why I’m so lucky to see things that are unexplained.

“It’s important you look forward and down- one day you may see something that doesn’t make sense.”