“Passionate” west Wales cockapoo breeders have been recognised in UK-wide awards.

Llandysul based cockapoo breeders, Jandaz Cockapoos, were recognised as Cockapoo Breeders of the Year 2022 in the UK Enterprise Awards.

Owner Sarah Griffiths and her daughter, India, took over Jandaz Cockapoos from founders and Sarah’s parents, Janice and Darrel Griffiths, when they sadly died, “ensuring that their love of the celebrated breed continues” as well as their “lasting legacy”.

“We want to share the knowledge and experience we have to help and educate people,” Sarah explained.

“We are both dog lovers and passionate about our cockapoos. We offer free help and advice to everyone, as it can be a bit of a mine-field out there with differing opinions on what is right and wrong.”

Jandaz was founded by Janice and Darrel, who have been involved with dogs since the 1970s, as one of the first cockapoo breeders in the UK, specialising in breeding American and English cockapoos.

“It’s not just about selling puppies. It starts with explaining about the different types of cockapoos and finding out about a potential owner’s life style and what they are looking for in a puppy.

“We want to ensure a good match and an excellent home for a Jandaz puppy.

“Every puppy goes to its new home fully vaccinated, health checked and with a comprehensive puppy pack full of useful goodies.”

Sarah said, despite soaring sales of dogs during Covid-19 “resulting in unwanted puppies, scams, and dog theft, Jandaz maintained their high standards throughout”.

India, a fully qualified groomer, has just opened up her own salon, Dog Grooming by India, championing the Jandaz brand of grooming products.

She added: “We aim to produce products that are safe and healthy for both pets and owners.

“The products help reduce allergies and provide protection against micro-organisms on pets and also within the home.

“They help to soften, soothe and calms sensitive, irritated, dry, itchy, and flaky skin, control odour, and ensure a healthy and shiny coat.”

Now, Sarah and her daughter India are looking forward to growing the brand, while always keeping its passion and ethos in their hearts.

Not only have they done their family proud since Sarah’s mother and father passed away, but they have built upon the love and care that was always there.

Sarah and India would like to give special thanks to Sarah’s partner, Lee Critchlow, who also has his own luxury travel service for dogs – Royal Paws (royal-paws.co.uk/).