Letter to the Editor: Gwynedd councillor Louise Hughes is a valiant worker and has the interests of people who turn to her high on her agenda (Was ist das? Hughes under fire for email in German, Cambrian News, 26 April)

I cannot understand this story. I truly cannot — a storm in a tea-cup,for sure.I can understand Cllr Hughes getting irked. I cannot understand the attitude Howard Huws is airing. Many people are dismayed and disenchanted by the Welsh language being pushed when there is no fair reason behind such pressure.

As for the offence — please Mr Huws, hang on to some equilibrium!Many of us are deeply offended year on year by Gwynedd never being fairly considered by allocation of monies from Cardiff. Repeatedly we have known only downturns and realise, no matter what the bottom line, we are always “the poor relation”.

We have read recently, of child poverty in Wales; care home closures; Llanbedr residents not getting the bypass they have long since needed;  concern over 900 charities in Wales alone; the people in Fairbourne disregarded  over their anxieties and needs for sea defences; the dirtiest most vilely polluted rivers in Gwynedd; recent losses we had not envisaged, at our hospital in Tywyn.... Shall I continue with this list?

These are mostly happenings and decisions to be offended and upbraided about, Mr. Huws.Incline your energies and influence towards more solutions and  worthy goals. For so many names and much time to be given over to this email, in my mind beggars belief.

G Baxter,Abergynolwyn

Editor’s note: Language rights alone in either English or Welsh won’t end homelessness, improve poor healthcare or lessen poverty.