Letter to Editor: While they are discussing the possibility of a name change for Llanbedr Station, I hope Members of Llanbedr Community Council will also look at parking — or lack of it, for the station.The station is a good distance from the village of Llanbedr.

To walk to and from the village to catch a train, especially carrying luggage or shopping, is challenging for many, impossible for some.

Much of the walk is on an often busy narrow road with no pathway. Even the small car park at the riverside is some distance from the station.At Llandanwg, too, parking has become an issue, with recently painted yellow lines preventing parking close to the halt.

Whatever a station is called, it should be accessible to those wanting to use it. If we are to encourage more people to use public transport it is important that access to our local stations should be improved.

Hopefully our local councillors will consider ways in which we can facilitate more travel by train, such as improved parking.

Rosy Berry, Llanfairn

Editor’s note: Maybe ... and a pig was seen flying near Llanbedr space port!