A winter fair hosted by Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron has raised more than £3,500 for the school.

The fair, which took place on Thursday 24 November, saw the school hall packed with 38 different stalls and was well-attended by the local community.

Many of the stalls were local businesses, such as Llais Llyw, a local wine maker. But amongst them were the school’s own stands. Many of the school’s departments sold various things related to their field, all of them made by the pupils. Some sold Christmas lights, others sold home decorations and some sold jewellery and clothes.

One pupil, Esme Worth, had her own stall, and sold her own handmade crochet toys.

Two students played music for the whole night, year 13 pupil Rhys Roberts played the piano, and year 7 pupil Claire Lloyd played the harp.

Aberaeron school
The school hall was packed with stalls and shoppers (Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron)

The night became a real social event for attendants. Helen Worth, the school support officer and librarian said: “It was great, so full of people. It was lovely, we haven’t done things like this the last few years, and it became a really social evening. People were saying ‘oh we bumped into so and so and we had such a lovely catch up, we haven’t seen them for so long.

“The school wants to give a special thanks to the young lad in year 13, Sion Wyn. He did a lot of the organisation himself, and did such a good job. He often gets involved and likes to help, he organised the meetings, he did all of the footwork - asking shops if they’d like to give raffle prizes, put posters up around town and made phone calls setting it up.

“A lot of businesses donated raffle prizes, we had over 40!”

The school’s staff thanked the community, saying: “The money raised during the Christmas Fair so far stands at £3,530. This money will be used to purchase a variety of things that will greatly benefit our pupils. Thank you to everyone for their support, without which we couldn’t have enjoyed a hugely successful evening.”