Aries (21 Mar - 20 Apr)

It will be fun to mix with people introduced to you by other members of your family. Not only will you enjoy their company but it feels good to get to know the people who are important to those you care about.

Taurus (21 Apr - 21 May)

A friend will be convinced they have a brilliant idea for a holiday or group venture. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get them to understand these plans aren’t very practical.

Gemini (22 May - 21 Jun)

Before jumping into a project you are excited about, take a practical friend’s advice and create a timetable for your work. Create deadlines for every phase and make a list of materials and tools you might need to bring this about.

Cancer (22 Jun - 23 Jul)

Is it fair to allow other people to pour cold water over your plans? If there is something you have been looking forward to and someone is trying to stop you from going ahead, be more assertive. Find ways to turn your ideas into reality.

Leo (24 Jul - 23 Aug)

Be a good sport if someone in the workplace gets up to something mischievous to ease their boredom. Even if a joke has been played at your expense, you will see the funny side eventually and they will not have meant for you to take offence.

Virgo (24 Aug - 23 Sep)

Sometimes it will feel as if you are at the beck and call of just about everyone. It isn’t as if you have nothing to do on your own. Time is getting short and you may have to ignore the requests and demands of others in order to fulfil your own obligations.

Libra (24 Sep - 23 Oct)

There is a lot going on in the family, in your social life and at work. It can be difficult to keep on top of it all. Sometimes you wonder whether you really want to and whether it is time to start reducing your commitments.

Scorpio (24 Oct - 22 Nov)

Communications and conversations are confusing. You wonder how someone can make an easy task sound so complicated. Demands will start to ease later so just take things one step at a time and you will make a good deal of headway.

Sagittarius (23 Nov - 21 Dec)

Recent financial developments need some thinking over. Your bank account may not be exactly flush with cash and if you can’t see this changing soon, it may be necessary to make a new budget plan.

Capricorn (22 Dec - 20 Jan)

The care you are taking to make a good job of things will be wasted if someone you are working for is careless and neglectful. You have two choices now: either take over the work completely or walk away.

Aquarius (21 Jan - 19 Feb)

You don’t mean to upset someone when you refuse their offer of help. As well as you being in a solitary mood, you happen to know this person works very slowly so little progress will be made.

Pisces (20 Feb - 20 Mar)

Taking on new responsibilities will also mean new routines. Housemates and workmates will either be supportive of these changes or totally against them. Either way you have other people’s opinions and attitudes to deal with on top of new procedures.

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