Llanbedr traffic is already building...

Monday 11th April 2022 7:08 am
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Llanbedr bypass
Llanbedr bypass (Cambrian News )

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It’s only March and traffic is already building up in Llanbedr but their are still some people who oppose a bypass. One certain gentleman wrote to you and gave four reasons for this opinion which I would like to refute. (Letters, Cambrian News, 24 March)

First, traffic lights at the bridge. This would require four-way lights, so imagine the traffic backed up for god knows how long along the main road, and where does he think that residents can park their cars. They certainly wouldn’t be allowed to park on the road.

Secondly, road maintainance was carried out in the quiet off peak time, not in the summer.

Thirdly, the bypass would not be going nowhere, it would be carrying all the traffic that has no business in the village making it a quieter and more pleasant place to live.

Fourthly, it would not become a ghost village. Without the danger of the traffic, people might walk into the village and make more use of the facilities.

There is one more point to make. According to reports the airfield is to be used as some sort of space centre. Can anyone see this happening with the sort of access there is at the moment?

Keith Barber, Llanbedr

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