Patrick O’Brien is right on the money...

Thursday 14th April 2022 10:47 pm
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Aberystwyth in the sun
Aberystwyth (Cambrian News )

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Patrick O’Brien (So, just how seriously do our officials that the threats to the vibrancy of the biggest town in mid Wales? Cambrian News, 31 March) is, once again, on the button.

Seemingly, local authorities, are unaware of the long term damage caused to our towns.

As I have said before., Aberaeron has been ruined by the so called ‘Gold Command’. This under the ‘leadership’ of the council.Furthermore, the Aldi saga in Aberystwyth, in the hands of the Welsh Government, stinks.

I hope that in the forthcoming elections change will prevail.

Ifor Lloyd, Aberaeron

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