Transport for Wales doesn’t give a hoot...

By Mick O'Reilly   |   Editor   |
Saturday 16th July 2022 11:00 am
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Transport for Wales
Although not in dispute with the RMT, strike action will severely disrupt Transport for Wales services (Transport for Wales )

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Not for the first time is the Cambrian News highlighting the abysmal state of public transport across this region. And not for the first time has Transport for Wales (TfW) simply chosen to ignore the concerns raised by those driven to distraction by the poor state of service.

The latest saga involves overcrowded two-carriage trains between Aberystwyth and Birmingham on a recent Friday.

Too many people on a small train, no wheelchair access, no room to move, no regard paid to the equal stature of Welsh on a Transport for Wales train. It matters not whether it is the line to Shrewsbury and on to Birmingham International Airport, or the coastline north to Pwllheli from Machynlleth, the same level of abysmal service applies to all.

But it is not only our train services that are being ignored by TfW officials. This newspaper has carried stories and letters from readers complaining that changes to bus services by the operator means that pupils have difficulty getting home from school. Whatever the operational reasons for these changes, the practical effect is to prevent those who need and rely on the bus service from being able to do so.

How environmentally friendly is that?

TfW officials are quick to point out that new trains are being introduced on the lines that serve Wales. Yes, that £800 million in Welsh-built trains is welcome. But, of course, those new trains will be introduced first in south Wales and then north Wales, then the Borders, and then they’ll get around to this region and its under-served rail lines.

There are no straight answers from officials, for example, as to why two-carriage trains are not replaced with four-car units.

Nor are there answers as to why the people of this region are treated as second-class citizens when it comes to the provision of poor rail and bus services.

In fact, there are no answers at all from TfW. Just silence.

There are promises that the services will improve... promises that new trains are coming... promises too that trains will run hourly.

TfW staff are fed up working for an organisation that couldn’t care less. “Please complain,” one frazzled staff member told passengers. “They wouldn’t treat cattle like this.”

Yes, they would. Yes, they do. And TfW doesn’t give a hoot. Why do we take it?

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