Aberdyfi Rowing Club were thrilled to be competing in their first competitive event for two years – The Montford Challenge Row in Shropshire which was held on Saturday, 19 March.

The Montford Challenge is a two-stage time trial held on the River Severn which is open to Celtic and Pembroke longboats and organised by the Shropshire Adventure Adventurers Rowing Club ( SARC).

ARC chairman Mike Rogers said: ”Last Saturday, 19 March three crews from Aberdyfi – one men’s crew and two ladies crews – left to take part in the Montford Rowing Challenge on the River Severn.

“The first stage of the event is an eight-mile time trial upstream, then a two-mile rest row to stage two, which is a six mile time trial down stream.

“All previous year’s reports about this event proved to be correct – this was at times a brutal race for all crews, rowing the outward eight miles into a very strong current and strong wind.

“All three Aberdyfi crews did very well , including those members who were experiencing their first ever race.

“Special congratulations must go to one of our ladies crews who came first in their category.”

He added: “We were all delighted to be taking part in an event such as this and competing against other clubs – the first time we have been able to do so since the start of the pandemic.

“We all had a great day and thanks must go to the Shropshire Adventurers Rowing Club for organising and putting on such a brilliant event.

“Great to be back competing on the water!”