Aberystwyth Women played two games on the second festival date in the Southwest Wales Women’s Softball Cricket League at Laugharne CC on Sunday, 21 May, writes Lainy Harrison.

Aber played the second and third matches of the day with Aberaeron kick starting the day against Laugharne.

Aber’s first match was against Aberaeron, who won the toss and elected to bat first. The bowling was strong from the whole team with a total of five wickets taken by Kaitlin Jenkins, Anwen Whitehead, Jiby Jijo and Natalie Bowen.

Aberaeron’s batters shone with SJ Thomas scoring 30 runs and Donna Regan following with 24.

In reply, Kaitlin and Jiby hit a respectable 10 and 14 runs. The next pair was Anwen and Ceinwen Cooke who had a challenging set from Aberaeron but the support was there and there was a mid-match huddle between teams keeping the spirits up, and that’s what it;s all about - encouraging each other.

Alice Thomas and captain Lainy Harrison worked well together to score 12 and 15 runs respectively with the final pair, Natalie and Sam Horwil, bringing in 15 and 13 runs. There was some impressive power hitting by Sam, Natalie.

Aberaeron won by 271 to Aberystwyth’s 266.

Aber’s second match was against hosts Laugharne, who won the toss and elected to field first.

Once again Jiby opened the batting pairs with Kaitlin firing an impressive 23 runs. Then Anwen and Ceinwen, Alice and Lainy, with Alice scoring the third highest runs of 15 and with Natalie and Sam the final pair with Sam have the second highest runs of 16.

Laugharne managed to secure two wickets and 36 wides against a total of 113 runs.

In the second half bowlers were once again strong with Jiby achieving a maiden. Wickets 7, wides 11 and no balls 3, with Laugharne securing 86 runs. Aberystwyth were victorious 303 to Laugharne’s score of 251.

This was a wonderful day in the sun playing cricket with some fantastic teams.

Highlights of the day were Ceinwen taking a catch with the whole team cheering her on.

A special mention needs to go out to Ceinwin who played the day before two GCSE exams – what a commitment.

Jiby and Kaitlin’s impressive bowling over both matches created a hostile and accurate spell putting the batters under pressure.

However, the player of the match must go to Anwen Whitehead who stood at the boundary saved, an impending ball with sheer determination and skill preventing an easy 4 and skilfully launching it back towards to the wicket keeper.

Report: Lainy Harrison