Port welcomed Bethesda on Saturday in what proved to be an old fashioned slugfest of a rugby match.

Porthmadog 3 Bethesda II 13, Admiral National League 3 North West

The match began with a fierce exchange of possession, with Bethesda controlling the ball for much of the first half.

Porthmadog, however, held their ground defensively, thwarting Bethesda’s attempts to breach their line.

The home team’s resilience paid off when Ciron Price managed to secure the first points of the game with a successful penalty kick, giving Porthmadog an early lead.

The momentum shifted in Bethesda’s favour as they responded with a well-executed Rob Jones try converted in difficult conditions by Ashley Rowlands.

This turn of events put Bethesda in the lead. Despite facing adverse weather conditions, both teams continued to battle fiercely on the field.

Bethesda extended their lead with another penalty by Rowlands late in the game, securing a 10-3 advantage for the visitors.

However, Porthmadog’s defence remained resolute, preventing further tries and showcasing the determination of the home team.

The match was a promising performance from Porthmadog’s young players, who, alongside returning veterans, demonstrated their commitment and potential on the field.

Despite the final score favouring Bethesda, Porthmadog’s defensive strength suggest a positive trajectory for the team in the remaining league fixtures.

They head to Colwyn Bay next week for another league fixture before a break for the Six Nations.