DOLGELLAU garage owner and motorsport enthusiast Sion Ellis is no stranger to competing and preparing competition cars, but at the beginning of the year he was set a task by YouTube and Channel 5 star Johnny Smith to build a car to compete in the 100th Land’s End Trial.

He was also asked to navigate for Johnny on the mostly off-road, 236 mile event.

The trial is predominantly filled with vintage cars designed to take on the terrain or specially made sporting trial cars.

As part of the story the team were given a brand new Kia Picanto donated by Kia Press office, the first time that a new car has been used at the event.

Sion modified the car with higher suspension, special strong tyres guards underneath and many other modifications to cope with the demanding terrain.

After crossing the finish line Sion said: “One of the toughest events I've done.

“We damaged a wheel early on so had to change it and lost a bit of time.

“But this event is more about getting to the end than the overall position."

This challenge will be documented in a three-part series on the Late Brake show YouTube channel.

Sion is planning to drive rather than navigate at next year’s event.