Floodlights from Aberystwyth Town Football Club’s stadium are ‘unbearably bright’ for neighbouring homes, a concerned resident has said.   

Aberystwyth town councillor Mair Benjamin, who also lives nearby, has complained about the recently upgraded lights at Park Avenue.   

A concerned resident, who did not want to be named due to fears she would be criticised as the football club is so popular, has also spoken out. 

Cllr Benjamin says she is, at times, inundated with calls and emails from concerned residents who say the lights are particularly blinding during the winter nights.   

She said the strength of the lighting is such that the residents of Maesyrafon, the Rheidol flats and the homes across the river are affected.  

Cllr Benjamin says it has been ‘five years of hell’ where agreements for the bright lights to be used only for matches have been broken and are often used on a nightly basis.   

But the club says the new lights have been angled downwards to prevent light pollution and can be adjusted to a lower brightness for training sessions.

The lights have recently been upgraded to halogen bulbs to be in keeping with Cymru Premier requirements and have become even brighter.

The lights in a living room on Maesyrafon road
The lights in a living room on Maesyrafon road (Cllr Mair Benjamin)

She said: “As soon as the bank of lights on the other side of the stadium comes on it hits all our properties.   

“If you came to visit me and sat on my settee on the far wall, you’d have to cover your eyes to speak to me – so I always have to close my blinds and curtains.   

“We were led to believe that the lights would be lowered to cater for residents.   

“I was lying in bed at about half 10 at night and all of a sudden, the lights came on – it was like the police had surrounded the place.  

“I looked out of the window, and everything was white – where the bus depot used to be and the back of the tyre centre.  

“We are awaiting the lighting report back from the installers, once received a meeting will be arranged with Eifion Roberts.   

“We welcome this meeting and hope a resolution can be agreed.  But as you can see from the attached photos the club lights are very powerful and light up the surrounding area.”  

The concerned resident told the Cambrian News: “It’s terrible – the light pollution is unbearable.  

“The lights have been changed to halogen bulbs which are a lot more powerful. But they’ve always been strong.   

“At 3 o’clock in the winter I’d have to close my curtains because they shine straight at the houses in Maesyrafon.   

“They’re pointing up and they should be pointing down at the pitch. Before the Arriva bus depot was ripped down it wasn’t a problem – but ever since then it’s been really, really bad.  

“When you open the front door it’s like being flashed by a camera – you're blinded.” 

A spokesperson for the football club said: “To obtain a Tier One Licence with the Football Association of Wales, and retain their place in the Cymru Premier League, Aberystwyth Town FC were required to upgrade their floodlights over the summer - as the Lux level had reduced to 453 when the required level for Cymru Premier matches is 500 Lux.  

“As part of the upgrade to LED lighting and the licensing process the system had to be tested at full beam in full darkness as a one-off exercise in order for measurements to be made. 

“The lux level can now be regulated by the club so that from now on only first team matches need to be floodlighted at 500 Lux level - whereas training sessions and matches below Tier One can be set at a lower level.  

“The previous floodlights were angled at 80 degrees where now they are angled at 20 degrees.  

“This will reduce the light pollution for local residents and reduce the club's environmental footprint. The club is aware of local residents' concerns and is liasing with local councillors to address the issue.”