Abersoch lifeboat was in the right place at the right time when crew members spotted a lone kayaker in trouble at sea.

Crew members were on a routine training exercise on 6 June when they spotted the kayaker heading towards St Tudwal’s Island East.

The adult male was trying to paddle to the island, but the kayak had taken on water and the casualty was getting cold.

He was taken on board the Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat and, after checking his condition, he was returned to the shore at 8.10pm where he was left in the care of the waiting local coastguard team who had been alerted to the incident.

Abersoch RNLI volunteer helm, Phill Woods said: “He was very lucky that we happened to come across him whilst out on exercise.

“Although the casualty was wearing a life jacket, he was somewhat underprepared for the conditions which were not favourable for kayaking.”

The volunteer crew returned to the lifeboat station at 8.25pm where the lifeboat was then washed down and refuelled by the waiting shore crew and left ready for service.

If you get into difficulty or spot someone else in trouble dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.