A family who say they were fleeing a domestic violence incident were “turfed off” a New Quay caravan park for arriving there three hours before it officially opened for the holiday season, it was claimed this week.

The Bevans family, of Milford Haven, say they were ejected from Quay West by a security guard after turning up a day earlier than planned.

Alan Bevans told the Cambrian News the family group had arrived at the park on Thursday night, 28 February, along with daughter Megan, 20, who he said had been the victim of domestic violence the previous evening.

Mr Bevans, 53, said that, having received permission to enter a privately owned caravan, the family were then confronted by the security guard as Megan tried to feed her four-month-old daughter, Olivia.

“The baby was screaming the place down so Megan was heating up a kettle to warm up some milk,” he said.

“This guy turns up and starts giving us grief and ends up threatening to turn off the electricity.”

Megan and her baby were forced to spend the night at the Penrhiwllan Inn while Mr Bevans and his partner, Elaine, left the park to sit in their car during a heavy rainstorm before returning to Quay West once it officially opened at midnight.

“What kind of caravan park turns away a family with a four-month-old baby in the middle of a storm?” said Mr Bevans. “I am making a formal complaint about this.”

A spokesperson for Quay West said: “The park opened on 1 March as permitted by our licence. No guests are allowed to reside on park prior to this date.

“We believe this guest’s booking was made privately through a social media site between a caravan owner and this guest and it should have been intimated by the owner that access to the accommodation would not be permitted prior to this date.

“We acknowledge that communication with the guest around this issue was inconsistent and we apologise for the inconvenience caused to him and his family.”

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