A public consultation has been launched for an environmental permit variation for Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station.

Nuclear Restoration Services Limited (NRS) has submitted the application to Natural Resources Wales to change its environmental permit for the former nuclear site which closed in 1991.

As part of the application NRS (formerly Magnox) is proposing the demolition, infilling, and capping of the Trawsfynydd Ponds Complex, a set of buildings running alongside the two reactor buildings.

A four-week public consultation is running now until 6 August. Members of the public can comment on the application.

The cooling ponds and adjoining storage vaults have box-like below-ground structures with void spaces up to six metres deep with a total volume of around 5,000 cubic metres.

The proposed demolition of the above-ground concrete structures of the ponds complex will result in slightly radioactive, mainly broken concrete, filling the void space.

The material will then be closed in - a process known as capping.

We will be consulting with experts in Public Health Wales and the Office of Nuclear Regulation throughout the application, which must meet our safety and environmental standards if it is to be approved.

Martin Cox, Natural Resources Wales’ Head of Operations for North West Wales, said:

“We understand this permit variation is of particular interest to the public and local community and we are encouraging as many people as possible to take part in the formal part of this consultation.

“As the regulator for this application, we are committed to keeping the community and environment healthy.

“As part of our determination of the application we must be satisfied the proposed demolition, disposal and capping is done in ways that are safe and meet our standards for the protection of people and the environment, while allowing the site to be released from radioactive substances regulation in the future.

“We are anticipating a lengthy determination phase for this application, and we will be keeping the public informed throughout.”

Once the determination stage is complete, we will communicate whether we are granting the variation or not.

Take part in the consultation and view related documents visit https://shorturl.at/m1PeS.