The Archbishop of Bangor will conduct Easter services there and in Pwllheli,

He will preach at Bangor Cathedral for the Easter Vigil on Saturday,30 March at 6pm and on Easter Day, Sunday, 31 March, at St Peter’s Church Pwllheli at 11am.

All are welcome to both services.

The Archbishop has also released his Easter message. His message is as follows: “Wales now has a new First Minister. Mr Vaughan Gething takes responsibility for leading the government in Wales and speaking for the Labour Party on matters of national interest. The challenges we face in Wales of course will require more than the efforts of one person however dedicated and resolute their intentions. With a general election likely this year the focus on Westminster should not cloud the need for transformation within all our communities in Wales.

“I’ve been struck by the extraordinary efforts of so many this year who make a difference in their communities. I’ve come to know those who volunteer for Parkrun for example like David, in his eighties, who is there come wind or rain so that runners can participate safely. These unsung heroes whose quiet steady work in the background often goes unrecognized affect the fortunes of young and old.

“The potential for blessing others is seldom recognized even though they can be the important things in another person’s life.

“I am also struck even more by the work of Christians in our churches and chapels who share a radical faith which is rich and vibrant. This kind of faith is inspired by a personal experience of the Risen Jesus and takes its cue from the way Jesus touched the lives of others. I think of Pam who visits in her local care home and spends time talking and listening to residents about the things important to them or Frank who volunteers to open his local church so that people can come in and pray there. When we consider the real challenges we face across the world whether climate change, food security, wars or the instability of governments, it is easy to forget how profound the personal and individual touch can be.

“Few will be expecting the new First Minister to solve all our problems. Indeed the very idea that change happens primarily because of political decisions seems to me misplaced. What lifts us above the mentality of living for ourselves alone is an experience of selfless love. And this is what Easter offers. In the Easter story we see a love so great, it breaks through to captivate and win us to service.

“May I wish you a Happy Easter and God’s blessing.”