Pupils from Ysgol Godre’r Berwyn, Bala have once again taken part in the annual TTRockstars competition.

TTRockstars is a program for which pupils practice their times table skills and the "Wales Rocks" competition is a national competition between Welsh schools.

Pupils from years 2 to 6 took part this year and the school are proud of the success of each pupil.

“We had huge success as a school, with the pupils working as a team to answer questions, completing over 180 minutes each over a period of three days,” a school spokesperson said.

“As a result, Ysgol Godre'r Berwyn managed to come 3rd throughout Wales. A special achievement for such a small school compared to the much larger schools that were competing!

“In addition to this, the Year 6 class managed to come 5th throughout Wales, after competing against 1,087 other classes.

“Even more amazingly, three Year 6 pupils managed to reach the top 50 in the competition. Ted Ormesher was in 34th place, Caio Jones in 28th place and Thomas Mrowiec was in the top 10 (9th place)! Unbelievable boys, a sublime achievement against 15,818 other pupils!

“Congratulations to all pupils who finished in the top three within their class and were awarded with the MVP title - most valuable players. 

“Thank you very much to all families for their support and encouragement outside the school, and big congratulations to all the pupils who competed!”