Barmouth Carnival has made a triumphant return to the town for the first time in 25 years.

Thanks to organisers Damian Williams, Rob Williams and Katie Price, who are all members of Barmouth Town Council, the streets of the town were filled with people in fancy dress.

Organiser Damian Williams told the Cambrian News: “We are all Barmouth town councillors and had previously organised the Jubilee and coronation (beach music festival) events.

“We used them as test to see how well the turnouts would be and how many people would step forward to volunteer to help.

“As you can imagine volunteers are hard to come by. Everyone wants to enjoy the events but very few see the bigger picture that without volunteers these events fail.

“Then we thought, let’s try to revive Barmouth Carnival. This was our next step to see if it was possible for us to organise and run, keeping in mind this would be the first carnival in Barmouth since 1998, and being as we are a new group starting out, we hadn’t dealt with anything of this magnitude before (floats, costume, licensing, rolling road closures the list goes on).

“After all of the stresses of organising it all we were very happy and relieved that the day went really well, we had a fantastic turn out and everyone enjoyed the day.”

He added: “Unfortunately we had a medical emergency that happened nearby. Luckily for the patient we had all our emergency services (first responders, Welsh Ambulance, North Wales Fire service Coastguard, RNLI, North Wales Police) at the carnival who all went to help and then we had to evacuate the carnival car park for the Welsh Air Ambulance to land and take over.

“We hope that the patient made a full recovery.”

Commenting on the future of the carnival, Damian said: “We have big plans for next year, we want to have the carnival on a Friday evening then a music festival all day Saturday and something else we would like to do is put on a raft race on the Sunday but we will have to see how things go with that. Our aim is to hold it May/June 2024.”

He added: “We would like to thank everyone who helped us from volunteering to support and Barmouth Town Council.”