Aberystwyth’s Home Cafe has announced it will be hosting its 11th Christmas Day meal for the homeless and vulnerable.

The event is something of a tradition for the café’s owner, Ahmet Acikel, who has hosted the event every year, aside from during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The kind gesture offers homeless and vulnerable people the chance to enjoy a free dinner with all the trimmings on Christmas Day, prepared by Home Cafe staff who volunteer to help on the day.

The event takes place from 12pm to 6pm, though in the midst of the music and festivities, it has been known to continue until about 7pm.

Local businesses also donate items which are given out as gifts to those who attend.

Ahmet called the event “a little party.”

Home Cafe
The free Christmas Day meals for homeless and vulnerable people at Home Café has become a tradition (Home Cafe)

He said: “This is our eleventh year opening on Christmas Day. I feel so proud that I am helping the community. It is the spirit of Christmas to remember the people who need help and include them in the festivities.

“There will be a carvery downstairs, music playing - it will be a little party. We want Home cafe to feel like your home. I would also like to thank those in the community who have contributed to the day by donating gifts.”

Ahmet’s community work saw him crowned as the winner in this year’s Aber First Community Hero Award. Though it hasn’t been easy for Ahmet to offer the community support he does, as his business has also suffered as a result of the cost of living crisis, and the increase in goods prices.

He said: “This is a time honored tradition, even though we have had a tough year because of escalating prices, Home Cafe continues to provide valuable support to the community.”

The café will also be open as normal in the run up to Christmas, and you can find their Christmas menu on the Home Cafe’s Facebook page.

Ahmet said: “We have kept our prices low because we know it’s been a tough year. But now is the time to celebrate.”