A new strategy has been drawn up for a more sustainable model of tourism in Gwynedd.

The Gwynedd and Eryri Plan 2035 is the product of more than six years of consultation, engagement and discussion work as Cyngor Gwynedd and Eryri National Park Authority come together with other partners to develop a new vision and principles to support the visitor economy in the area.

Cllr Dyfrig Siencyn, leader of Cyngor Gwynedd, said: “Seeing the launch of this strategic plan is a very important step for the area as we move forward to develop sustainable tourism.

“We recognise the importance of the visitor economy in Gwynedd and Eryri, but we are also keen to ensure that the area and its special qualities are safeguarded and protected – so that what is so unique here is protected today and for future generations.

“Through the plan, we hope to create a tourism economy which will benefit the people, environment, language and culture of Gwynedd and Eryri.”

The plan has three principles for ensuring future sustainability: celebrate, respect and protect our communities, language, culture and heritage; maintain and respect our environment; and ensuring the communities of Gwynedd and Eryri have more advantage than disadvantage.

Emyr Williams, chief executive of Eryri National Park Authority, said: “The next phase will include setting up the Gwynedd and Eryri Partnership 2035 which will give the sector stakeholders a voice in developing the action plan and measuring the impact of the visiting economy on our area.”

It has also been announced that a fund will soon be launched to promote the principles among Gwynedd’s tourism associations, businesses and communities. Activities which have already started in the area were also outlined.

Cllr Nia Jeffreys, deputy leader of Cyngor Gwynedd, added: “This is a time of new priorities and action, and we are proud to announce a new fund today which will support this.

“As we launch the strategic plan and announce the new fund, it’s important to note that a lot of activity has already happened. For instance, the Arosfan pilot scheme to create a network of sites for motorhomes in the area; and the Eryri and Gwynedd Ambassador schemes which aims to equip the local people with information about their unique areas.

“We will continue to drive our vision forward by working in partnership with all stakeholders in the sector and by targeting funding opportunities for the Welsh and UK governments.”