An Aberystwyth business venture aimed at encouraging people to shop locally, as well as raise funds for environmental projects, is launching a ‘greening playgrounds campaign’.

Treegeneration is a business set up by local resident Rob Squires, which allows people to buy vouchers to use in local shops. When a voucher is bought, part of that money is sent towards local environmental projects.

Mr Squires said: “It’s an opportunity for the public to help, without it hurting their pocket. It’s their money that goes to supporting wildlife, but they’re paying for the discount at a participating business. Whilst the customers provide the cash, it’s the businesses that actually support the wildlife projects by adding value when they provide discounted goods and services.

“We’re launching the greening playgrounds campaign to bring that same model to schools, to raise money to make school playgrounds more wildlife friendly.”

A trial of the campaign has been launched at Ysgol Gymraeg Aberystwyth with a target of £500. If it’s successful, the campaign will be extended to other schools in Ceredigion and mid Wales.

Parents can contribute to the goal by donating directly on the Treegeneration website, or by signing up for the BuzzaBAZOO newsletter.

“Each term, all the pupils at a school get a newsletter called BuzzaBAZOO, which is full of information on issues affecting wildlife. There’s a contribution section where they scan a QR code and can donate money through it. When parents make a contribution it counts as credit, so they’ll get discounts from local businesses and the funds go towards the school campaign.

Gareth James, Ysgol Gymraeg Aberystwyth’s acting headteacher said: “Being part of the greening playgrounds campaign is great because it means we can raise awareness amongst our pupils and their families and raise money towards helping the wildlife in our local community.”­

For Mr Squires, the importance of the campaign comes from “schools being the heart of the community”.

He said: “Schools are at the heart of our community, and Treegeneration’s goal is to uplift the community – to have public bodies, businesses and wildlife people working together to generate funds for the planet and wildlife.

“There’s a nature crisis in Wales, one in five species here are at threat of local extinction. We need to do something, and getting schools involved is a good way to galvanise the community.

“I’m hoping to include bird tables and bird feeders and provide schools with food so they will be involved themselves, and see more of these spectacular animals.”

To donate or follow the campaign’s progress, go to