The oldest surviving Corris Railway steam locomotive will join the newest there this June.

The 1878-built number 3 “Sir Haydn” will visit from Talyllyn Railway, where it has been since 1951 following the closure of the original Corris line. It will be in action alongside number 10, completed in 2023.

Despite the 145 year gap between construction of the two engines, visitors will see they are of the same design.

Number 3 is the remaining member of the original trio of locomotives that brought steam trains to the Dulas Valley for the first time. Number 10 is part of the modern day Corris revival, which aims to evoke the finest years of the original railway.

Numbers 3 and 10 will be in action on regular service trains on 8, 16, 22, and 29 June. There will be a Gala Day on 15 June with a more intensive train service and number 7 also in steam. It is believed the last time two, let alone three, locomotives were seen in steam on the Corris was over a century ago.

Visitors will also be able to look around the workshops and visit the museum at Corris station.

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