Authorities in Gwynedd are reminding people planning to visit the county's popular attractions over Easter to plan ahead and be considerate of local communities.

The Easter holidays mark the start of the tourist season in Gwynedd with popular areas getting busier over the coming weeks and months.

Gwynedd Council will be working closely with partners – including North Wales Police and Eryri National Park – to encourage people to act responsibly as they enjoy Gwynedd's natural environment, stunning scenery and fantastic attractions.

Some of the key messages the authorities are keen to convey to people visiting are:

• Plan ahead – make sure you arrange your visit and activities in advance to ensure your safety and that of others;

• Park responsibly – check where the appropriate car parks are and any arrangements that need to be made. There is information about council car parks on the website If you are parking along the coast, please check tide times before leaving your car.

• Public Transport – if possible, use public transport to cut down on congestion and parking problems in popular areas, and to benefit the environment. Gwynedd's bus timetables, including Sherpa'r Wyddfa, are on the Council's website: 

• Respect our communities – be considerate of the environment and note any local regulations or warning signs. For example, dispose of your litter responsibly by either putting it in a public bin or taking it home with you. Dog owners should always pick up and dispose of their pet's waste. ⁠ 

Councillor Dafydd Meurig, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: "Over the last few years, we have seen large numbers of people visiting popular places here in Gwynedd.

"People from near and far flock to Gwynedd to enjoy what we have to offer, so we encourage people to plan their visit and activities in advance; to use the appropriate car parks and take the opportunity to use the available bus services to discover the area.

"The summer season timetable for the Sherpa'r Wyddfa bus service will start on 23 March, which means buses will run more frequently. This fantastic service – nominated for two awards last year – connects the popular paths to Yr Wyddfa with the surrounding towns and villages. This allows people to leave their vehicles in the appropriate car parks before enjoying the mountains of Eryri without worrying about finding a suitable place to park at the foot of the mountain.

"As a council we are working closely with North Wales Police and Eryri National Park to monitor parking trends. Cyngor Gwynedd staff – along with National Park staff and North Wales Police officers – work together to keep the public safe on the roads, and we ask residents and people visiting to keep this in mind when visiting the area and treat them with respect and kindness at all times.

"It's important that our roads are clear to ensure traffic flow, and of course to allow the emergency services to be able to do their work. We therefore ask motorists to respect the parking restrictions and keep the roads unobstructed and safe.

"Our message is for motorists to park sensibly. If necessary, Police and Council officers will use their powers to take appropriate action to remove illegally parked vehicles in the interests of public safety."

Emyr Williams, Chief Executive of Eryri National Park, added: "We really want everyone to enjoy all that Eryri has to offer but we encourage everyone to do so in sustainable ways. It is essential for everyone to plan their visits in advance, make the best use of the increase in public transport services and respect the principle of not leaving any trace of your visit.

"Visitors are also encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Countryside Code and follow the recommendations to protect the unique landscapes, communities and biodiversity of the National Park."

Chief Inspector Lisa Jones of North Wales Police said: "As we head into Spring, we appreciate that people will begin to venture out to enjoy the stunning scenery that Eryri has to offer, however, with this in mind, we are once again urging people to be responsible.

“Motorists coming to the area should think about where they park and make full use of the park and ride facilities that are available. This includes making use of the new bus shuttle service being provided.

“We will continue to work closely with our partners to help reduce the risk to walkers, cyclists and all other road users. The irresponsible and dangerous parking we have previously witnessed in some areas has been unacceptable. It not only risks lives but also prevents emergency vehicle access, which includes access for our Mountain Rescue and search colleagues.”

Useful information about planning ahead can be found on the Snowdonia Mountains and Coast websites: and Eryri National Park: