This year marks the 30th anniversary of the opening of Tracey Emin and Sarah Lucas’ The Shop.

Part-art studio, part-shop, part-social hub – but fully radical and anarchic – the idea was borne of both artists wanting ‘a shop shop’, but in the end proved to be ‘quite unlike anywhere else’.

The idea was widely well-received and hailed then and since, as instrumental in revolutionising London’s East End.

“I found the whole concept – if there was one! – of The Shop so fresh, so bold,” said Aberaeron artist Natalie Chapman, ”and such a pure expression of that raw, punk energy that Emin and Lucas embodied back then.”

In direct homage to the pair, Natalie approached friend and fellow artist, On The Wing – Felinfach artist Jemima Roberts – to see if she would be for teaming up for a takeover of The Seagull Gallery, Cardigan, this summer.

“When Natalie asked me, I thought it was all these things: totally brilliant and bonkers and also completely unfeasible and ambitious,” said On The Wing, “and frankly, hilarious.

“Emin and Lucas were not so much cutting edge, as cutting the edge! My ‘Edgy’ tote bag might jocularly testify to me being edgy once, but in truth I’ve never been remotely edgy or cool – I’m mostly just a daft, colourful clown, larking about! But I do thrive on bonkers and outlandish missions, so yes – I was immediately game.”

Natalie added: “Despite being part of the Young British Artists group, Emin and Lucas’ male counterparts were grabbing most of the world’s attention back then.

“The Shop was a largely spontaneous but seminal moment in both artists blazing a trail for themselves but also, for all women artists since.”

What would Emin and Lucas make of all this?

On The Wing said: “No idea! But I doubt the mischievous antics of two precocious artists from a random rural Welsh outpost will make it onto their radar - I’m the artist nobody’s heard of after all. But if word does travel beyond the borders of the shire, then we’d like to think they’d be amused, endeared and entertained.

“I mean, ultimately this will evolve into a pop-up shop that we will be doing in our own way, but it is a direct homage and fond cap-doffing to both Emin and Lucas so… maybe they might even be a tiny bit flattered?! Besides, I doubt Damien Hirst will be swinging by for a visit – but hey – you never know!”

The Shopping Shop will run from 1 to 31 August in Cardigan’s Seagull Gallery.