Aberystwyth Arts Centre is tooting its horn for this year’s soul-stirring summer season show, Brassed Off.

This powerful, heartwarming story of solidarity, friendship, and loyalty set in a Welsh mining community will be directed by Richard Cheshire, whose previous summer season shows and pantomime have thrilled audiences for years.

Adapted by Steffan Rhodri from the hit show by Paul Allen, which is based on the 1996 film by Mark Herman, starring Pete Postlethwaite and Ewan McGregor, this adaptation will transport audiences to the unique landscapes and vibrant communities of south Wales.

Immerse yourself in the lives of the residents of a close-knit valleys town as they confront the imminent closure of their cherished colliery.

Against all odds, this determined group rallies together, not only to save their jobs but to preserve their way of life. As their beloved band faces uncertainty, they find solace, strength, and hope through their shared passion for music.

Feel the fervent passion of the miners’ brass band as they pour their hearts and souls into their performances, competing in national championships.

Prepare to be moved as the story unfolds, showcasing the unwavering solidarity and unbreakable bonds forged within this extraordinary community.

The audience will be transported into the heart of the story as they witness the dedication, sacrifice, and determination of the brass band members who fight against all odds to save their beloved ensemble.

This production boasts an incredible ensemble cast of talented actors, musicians, and performers who seamlessly blend theatre, live music, and exceptional storytelling, with performances from Ieuan Rhys, Geraint Rhys Edwards, Gillian Elisa, Rachael Garnett, Sara Harris-Davies, Seren Sandham Davies, Joey Hickman, Ioan Hefin and Phylip Harries.

Having previously delighted audiences with his professional productions and local audiences with his enchanting annual pantomime, Richard’s vision for Brassed Off promises to evoke a genuine sense of Welsh identity, capturing the resilience and spirit of the country.

He brings his remarkable talent to this production, with his graceful storytelling intertwined with a deep understanding of the local community.

Richard said: “I am delighted to be directing Brassed Off this summer at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

“This feel-good show tells an important and inspiring story, one that is still deeply relevant today to the people of Wales, and indeed the UK.

“I’m thrilled to be back in Aberystwyth working with a great cast. Many of you will recognise the actors, some from last year’s Operation Julie and Oliver! the year before.

“We cannot wait to entertain our audiences with an enjoyable yet touching show – it promises to be a great night out again.”

With a dramatic and touching story combined with a striking set design and stirring music, this show promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Audiences (age guidance 12 and above) are invited to experience this tale come to life at Aberystwyth Arts Centre from 4 to 26 August.

Tickets are now on sale on the Aberystwyth Arts Centre website.