A theatrical adventure awaits visitors to King Arthur's Labyrinth, voted one of the best days out in north Wales and a winner of the Best Things to Do in Mid Wales awards.

I have driven past the Corris-based attraction so many times but, for some reason, never ventured in. Now that I have a child I’m always looking for places to take her and I can highly recommend this attraction, right here, pretty much on our doorstep.

King Arthur's Labyrinth is an underground storytelling adventure, and a fun day out for all ages. This unique attraction has you sailing through a magical waterfall, deep into the mountains of Snowdonia to a mysterious land of legends.

We had some rain during our trip but as this attraction is underground it did not matter.

It was great to watch as family members young and old stared open-mouthed at the inside of the mountain as we ventured into a mythical world filled of dragons, giants, battles and, of course King Arthur himself.

As well as sailing through some of the hallowed out mountain, you also walk through parts of it, taking in dramatic scenes along the way that are lit with incredible lighting and brought to life with fabulous sound effects. You are guided throughout by a hooded Dark Age Boatman who brilliantly adds to the atmosphere.

King Arthur’s Labyrinth was winner of the Best Visitor Attraction in Mid Wales 2018, and now I know why. Here you will find ancient tales including that of the red and white dragons found fighting beneath the foundations of a King's new castle, of a giant so big he waded across the Irish Sea, and of fierce battles including the Battle of Camlan, King Arthur's final battle against his jealous nephew Mordred.

Once we conquered the mountain, we decided to make the most of our day, entering the Welsh Legends Maze next to King Arthur’s Labyrinth. More mythical Welsh stories can be found here as you snake paths of this outdoor maze.

With half-term approaching, these attractions come highly recommended.