The adult actors joining the cast of Aberystwyth’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory have been announced.

Multi-talented Sam Jones will play Willy Wonka. He has appeared in EastEnders and The Royals. His other talents include: football, running, stage combat and even fencing!

Familiar face Phylip Harries returns to Aberystwyth to play loveable Grandpa Joe.

Phylip Harries plays Dai in Brassed Off
Phylip Harries who played Dai in Brassed Off last year returns to Aberystwyth to play loveable Grandpa Joe (Picture supplied)

No stranger to Aberystwyth - he starred in last year’s fantastic production of Brassed Off, playing the part of Dai - Phylip has played numerous TV, radio and theatre roles.

Gillian Elisa is Grandma Josephine and Mrs. Teavee.

She has also had various TV and stage roles. The talented singer and dancer is also skilled in puppetry and after dinner speaking. Gillian played Vera in last year’s Brassed Off.

Gillian Elisa, who played Vera in Brassed Off, takes on the roles of Grandma Josephine and Mrs. Teavee
Gillian Elisa, who played Vera in Brassed Off, takes on the roles of Grandma Josephine and Mrs. Teavee (N/a)

Duane Gooden will be play Mr Beauregarde.

He was nominated for Best Newcomer at the GB Panto Awards 2019 for his performance as the Genie in Aladdin. Duane enjoys singing and has sung across the world with groups including The West End Gospel Choir.

Geraint Rhys Edwards - Barry in Brassed Off - plays Grandpa George and Mr Salt. He is the master of many accents, dances and forms of comedy.

Geraint Rhys Edwards
Geraint Rhys Edwards who played Barry in last year’s Brassed Off will play the parts of Grandpa George and Mr Salt (Picture supplied)

Caitlin Lavagna will play Grandma Georgina and Mrs Gloop. She is an experienced theatre actor, and a singer-songwriter, releasing her debut single in 2021 (How Not to Start a Fight), and a single in spring 2024 (Gold). 

Elian Mai West will be play Mrs Bucket, and an Oompa Loompa. The highly skilled musician and vocalist has appeared in many shows, and has vast experience in voiceover work.

Matthew Wellman is Jerry, and an Oompa Loompa. He has appeared in a wide range of stage shows and is also an emerging theatre director. Matthew was previously at Aberystwyth Arts Centre as assistant director of Oliver!, and will also take on that role for this production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Leanne Pinder will play Cherry and Mrs Green, and is also the show’s choreographer. She has vast experience in this field. 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is on from 9-31 August. Tickets are available now.