Following a four-year break, Gŵyl Fawr, Cardigan’s annual Welsh language festival, returns with a week-long celebration of music, verse and dance at Mwldan and Cardigan Castle.

The festival was first established in 1952 as a semi-national eisteddfod - a stepping stone for competitors between local eisteddfods and the National Eisteddfod. This year it will be held at Mwldan and Cardigan Castle once again from Saturday, 24 June until 1 Saturday, July.

The festival kicks off this Saturday with a formal proclamation ceremony held at Cardigan Castle.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings are an opportunity to showcase local talent as children and young people (members of CICA) perform a Welsh language musical at the theatre.

Wednesday evening focuses on poetry with local bardic teams battling it out in verse.

Saturday features the main event – the traditional Eisteddfod with individuals, groups and choirs travelling to the event from far and wide to compete in a variety of competitions including singing, folk dancing and recitation.

Highlights include the Chairing of the Bard ceremony and the Blue Riband competition for the festival’s champion soloists.