Dia-Beat-Es is a new rave/show by Paul O’Donnell.

Paul is a Type 1 diabetic and has been for 28 years. He is also a DJ and has been for about five months.

Both are challenging skills, a sequence of spinning multiple disks at any one time. Paul is not perfect at either.

With Dia-Beat-es he hopes to cross-fade between the two in this mega-mix of sweet, sweet music.

Join Paul as he drops beats on the past 27 years of his drug-filled life, mixing in the highs and lows of living as a full-time diabetic... and part-time DJ.

Dia-Beat-Es comes to Aberystwyth Arts Centre’s Great Hall on Thursday, 16 February, at 8pm.

The event is suitable for those aged 12 years and older.

Please be aware the show’s content references needles.