Ceredigion Green Party has called for A487 road schemes in Llanrhystud and Aberarth - currently under threat due to a Welsh Government roads review - to be abandoned.

The party said it is “really pleased” that the road schemes, designed to speed up journeys on the stretch of the A487 south of Llanrhystud and north of Aberarth, will be looked at again as part of the Welsh Government’s Roads Review.

“We argued from the start that this scheme was not an improvement but a total waste of taxpayers’ money,” the party said this week.

Harry Hayfield, the Green Party’s candidate in the May Senedd elections who lives in Llanrhystud, said when the plans were announced that “improvements to public transport and cycle networks will achieve our aims to get to net zero, not spending £23M on road works to speed up car travel.”

The party added: “We hope that the Welsh Government sticks to its net zero commitment and stops spending money on making car travel easier.

“Right now, such sums of money would be usefully spent on training more bus drivers so that our bus services can get back to pre-Covid levels.”

The two projects - costing a combined £23m - would have seen overtaking lanes at Aberarth and Llanrhystud, as well as a roundabout on the outskirts of Llanrhystud.

The £5.95 million scheme to improve safety on the A487 Llanrhystud is a “priority” due to “risky” overtaking from cars in both directions, and cars “speeding through the village," a report outlined ahead of the project’s announcement.

The proposed plans would see a new roundabout installed on the outskirts of the village, with an extra lane for a section of the stretch of road between Llanrhystud and Llanon.

A £17.4m scheme outside Aberarth would see the construction of two climbing lane sections to provide overtaking opportunities.

Public consultations into both schemes had been held earlier this year, along with similar schemes in Llangurig and Llanidloes, but no outcome has yet been published by the Welsh Government.