A Llwyngwril woman’s desperate plea for a family reunification scheme to allow her Palestinian family to come to the UK has been raised in the House of Commons.

Emily Fares, whose family are trapped in Gaza, said her family are “utterly destitute.”

They have been displaced, their Khan Yunis home destroyed. The youngest member is just seven months old and the oldest, 71.

In December, a government spokesperson said it had “no plans to introduce bespoke arrangements for people arriving from the region”.

Reading Emily’s message to the House of Commons, Liz Saville Roberts said: “We have heard from our family yesterday, half of them have now fled Rafah after threatening evacuation orders fell from the sky.

“When we spoke to them they did not know where they were going - they mentioned Al Mawasi.

“But there is no building there for them to stay, it is not safe there. There are no food provisions there, there is nowhere to go to the toilet, nowhere to wash. They are now utterly destitute.”

“Forced displacement is a war crime.

“His government have it in their power to set up a scheme for people desperate to join family in the UK. If not now, when?”

Deputy foreign secretary, Andrew Mitchell responded: “The Honourable Lady sets out the reports she has received, which are heart-rending, and that is why the government, with as much vigour and cooperation with our allies, is trying to do those things which I have set out.”

Speaking afterwards, the MP added: “The UK Government is failing to stand up to Israel’s breaches of international law. It is standing idly by as Israeli forces carry out a horrific assault on Rafah.

“The minister’s response was wholly inadequate. There are Palestinian families here who would urgently like a reunion with relatives in Gaza on a temporary basis. It is in the Government’s power to respond to the atrocities in Gaza with same humanity as that offered to people fleeing Ukraine. But the minister refuses to take even the most modest of humanitarian steps.

“This catastrophe has to stop now. The UK must end its complicity and immediately stop arms sales to Israel. We must secure an immediate and permanent ceasefire.”

A GoFundMe page to help Emily’s family has raised £10,000 so far. Visit www.gofundme.com/f/save-our-family-in-gaza.

A petition for a Palestinian Family Visa Scheme can be found at petition.parliament.uk/petitions/648577