Machynlleth Town Councillors have branded the new roadside blocking the beloved town clocktower as "ridiculous" and a "monstrosity".

The road sign installed in late 2023 for the new A487 bridge is slightly larger than its predecessor and sits in a prime position to the left of the clock tower.

Discussing the issue in the full town council meeting on Monday 29 January, Councillor Rwth Hughes, who raised the issue, described the size and positioning as "ridiculous".

In Autumn 2023 the 150-year-old tower was finally freed from its scaffolding after three years of repair works which cost the town council £60,000, dubbed a "fortune" in the meeting by Councillor Norma McCarten.

How the signs outside the clocktower previously looked in August 2022
How the signs outside the clocktower previously looked in August 2022 (Google Street View)

Cllr Hughes urged the council to write to the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent (NMWTRA) to object to the size and placement, adding: "It's like taking Stone Henge and putting a massive sign in front of it."

The sign to the left of the tower is now roughly double its previous size, showing a size restriction on the new A487 bridge towards Dolgellau. Another sign directly in front of the tower repeats the size restriction and has also grown in size.

Mayor Jeremy Paige added that the larger sign hid the town's Christmas tree which was placed next to the tower in December.

He said: "It is on council land, we object to its placement and shall write to those responsible in the strongest terms."

Councillor Ann MacGarry pointed out there was a duplicate road sign earlier on the road, suggesting there is "no need for another one".

Mayor Paige added that the sign is so close to the busy T-junction that cars will have passed the sign before reading it whilst Councillor Kim Bryan named it a "monstrosity".

Powys County Council, NMWTRA and the Senedd Department for Climate Change have been contacted for comment.