Three dogs taken away from a Cwmann man who was handed a suspended jail term for animal cruelty have been rehomed, the RSPCA has said.

As the Cambrian News reported last week, Evan David Bevan, of Pyllau Crynion was found guilty by magistrates of three animal cruelty charges that caused “substantial suffering” - including kicking a pony named Tony, and not seeking veterinary care for a German Shepherd dog called Rosie who had a severe ear injury.

The 50-year-old had denied the charges, but was found guilty and handed a 12 week suspended prison sentence by magistrates earlier this month.

In a witness statement from RSPCA Deputy Chief Inspector Gemma Cooper said she was provided two videos from an anonymous source.

The first video showed Bevan kicking a pony and a second video showed him hitting a dog on a number of occasions with a stick, with a fight breaking out between the dogs - in which Rosie was injured.

Both videos were shown in court.

She later attended the location of these videos with police and an animal health officer from Carmarthenshire County Council.

She said: “We asked if we could look at his dogs and he let out of a barn approximately 10 to 15 dogs who almost straight away started to fight amongst each other, one being bitten on her face and causing her to bleed.

“Evan Bevan stated it was all too much for him and he wasn’t going to breed anymore.

“I asked if he would like help with rehoming the dogs and he said that he only had two he wanted to rehome; a female Bull Mastiff called Lily and a female chocolate labrador called Maggie.”

Lily and Maggie were signed over to the RSPCA.

Lilly (RSPCA)

Bevan was advised by DCI Cooper that she thought he had too many unneutered dogs together - but he said that he could cope with the rest.

He was asked where a German Shepherd dog called Rosie was and Mr Bevan said that he had rehomed her with a rescue centre a couple of days ago.

The court heard that Bevan confirmed that he did not seek veterinary attention for Rosie’s ear injury and instead sprayed the ear with Engemycin.

Lily and Maggie who were placed into RSPCA care have been “happily rehomed”, the RSPCA said, while Rosie, who was in the care of another rescue, has also been rehomed.