With UEFA Euro 2024 now underway, North Wales Police are dedicating extra resources to combat domestic abuse during the tournament and over the summer.

Operation Webb sees extra resources on shift to help deal with additional demand.

Research suggests big football matches result in an increase in reports of domestic abuse, regardless of the result of the game.

Whilst Wales are not playing in this year’s competition, there are still many football supporters in north Wales who will be following the tournament closely.

Two additional detective sergeants will be made available during key football matches to oversee the levels of domestic abuse that are being reported, and to speak with responding officers to give specialist support and investigative guidance. They will be supported by specialist domestic abuse teams and partner agencies to safeguard and support those who need it. The aim of this is to ensure a consistent detective-led approach to all incidents, ensuring officers give excellent service to victims and robust action is taken against perpetrators.

Detective Inspector Tracey Llewellyn from the Force’s Protecting Vulnerable People Unit said: “Everyone has the right to feel safe at home, in work or when out in public. Domestic abuse in any form will not be tolerated. We will listen and we will pursue those who commit offences.

“Introducing dedicated officers over the summer period and during key football dates will ensure we have additional resources available to respond effectively to reports of domestic abuse incidents regardless of any competing demand across the Force in a professional and proactive way.

“Domestic abuse can affect anyone regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality or social background. If you are suffering from physical, sexual, psychological or financial abuse, or are being threatened, intimidated or stalked by a current or previous partner or close family member, it’s likely you’re a victim of domestic abuse. You are not to blame for what's happening. You are not alone.

“We are committed to supporting victims at all times, not just during sporting events. If you or someone you know is suffering abuse, or if you are worried, don’t wait. Contact the police or any of our support agencies and get the help and support you need.”

If you experience domestic abuse, or know someone who does, report it to police or seek support from Live Fear Free on 0808 80 10 800.

Further support and information is available at https://shorturl.at/YFgrh