Residents at a housing estate in Dolgellau say they are fed up of their gardens flooding.

Speaking on behalf of residents in 12 houses with drainage issues at Wenallt Uchaf, Anne Cooke said they have been asking Adra to sort out the problem for years.

Anne, at number 2, said some work has been carried out and that helped a bit, but she and her neighbours are often unable to use their gardens after it rains.

Residents signed a petition in March, hoping they would get a response within 28 days, but they are still waiting so Anne approach the Cambrian News.

She said: “I couldn’t walk down the side of my house when it rained. They did put a drain there which helped but it’s still very wet and muddy and now our rear garden floods. We only need a few hours of rain and it floods and stays like that for days.

“I phoned in October and an inspector came. She said the drainage was inadequate, the builders hadn’t provided adequate drainage and she’d try to find out who was responsible. That’s the last I’ve heard.

“I think one of my neighbours saw an inspector recently but still nothing has been done to help water drain away.

“We can’t enjoy our gardens. We’ve put grass seed down to see if that helps but it doesn’t. We can’t add plants because there’s only an inch of top soil. I think it’s just builder’s rubble underneath.

“I’ve lived here seven years, since the houses were built; the majority of us have. When we moved there was a heatwave but as soon as the weather changed we had problems and we’ve them ever since.

“It’s horrible. I’d like to feed the birds but half the time I can’t get on to the garden.”

Adra said: “We are very sorry to hear some of our tenants are experiencing issues with their gardens. We were first made aware of the issues in recent months, and are currently investigating the concerns.

“We have experienced prolonged duration of wet weather and it’s only natural gardens will retain water as they are not given the chance to adequately drain before the next rainfall.

“We will be scheduling further inspections of the gardens over the next few months, where we will hopefully be experiencing better weather, and we can make a better assessment.”