The stage is set, the costumes are pressed, and the talented troupe of youngsters at Sêr Aeron Stars are turning up the gospel vibes as they gear up for their electrifying rendition of Sister Act Junior!

With hearts full of soul and spirits soaring, these young performers are hitting all the right notes as they bring the iconic musical to life.

Under the guidance of the Musical Director Ceirios Gruffudd and choreographer, Jade Markham, the children have been channelling their inner divas, rehearsing tirelessly to ensure a performance that'll have audiences dancing in the aisles. From catchy tunes to heavenly harmonies, this show promises to be a heavenly experience for all ages.

They will perform at Aberaeron Memorial Hall on Friday, 7 June and Saturday, 8 June.

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or contact Sêr Aeron Stars Youth Theatre directly at [email protected]