ABERYSTWYTH Town Football Club Foundation will be conducting the Barrels and Planks charity event on Saturday.

Members from across the Aberystwyth Town FC clubs will be participating in this very physical and demanding event in support of raising funding for all the academy, disability and walking football teams.

The aim of the event is to start at the mouth of the harbour on South beach by the RNLI Lifeboat station and end by Alexandra Hall attempting the well-known custom of kicking the bar, with the use of three barrels and two planks.

Three players from Aberystwyth Town’s first team will attempt to move with the use of the barrels and planks the distance of 2Km along the promenade from South to North beach.

The club has applied for permission to collect from 8am until 6pm on Saturday along the promenade.

All money raised will be donated to the Aberystwyth Town Football Club Foundation.

You can also donate here.