We didn't have a match scheduled this week so it was a rare Saturday night social for the Aberystwyth Town Women. Football might not be our full-time job, but we're very proud that we're still fighting our corner in the Genero Adran Premier, and we take it very seriously.

I'm not saying it's not tricky, though. I think we actually have to show more dedication to our football because we have to make sure we're doing our own work in addition to our two group training sessions, making sure we're fit, strong and sharp and able to stay competitive with those big names who have all the resources.

It would be really helpful to have my own well-equipped private gym at home that I can use whenever I want, but I'm doing OK at the moment with a few pieces of weight-training equipment courtesy of my mum.

Seriously, it can be a difficult balance to strike. I know how many hours I need to put into training to ensure I'm on form on a Sunday, but I also need to work for a living.

All our senior players have the same issue - and of course our younger girls are at school all week, with all the commitment that requires, especially in exam years. It's one of the many challenges of being part of a club like ours, but it's also something we're very proud of - like the hard work of the volunteers who keep us up and running, and the girls who go into schools and lead assemblies and skills sessions with the children, and the coaches in charge of our Huddle (for ages four and upwards) and girls' camps in the holidays.

We may only very rarely get the chance to go out at the weekend, or take an off-peak vacation in the winter sun, or spend Easter Sunday at home with our families... but it's worth it.

We're back on the road this weekend and next, for two consecutive big games in the cups - first Connah's Quay in the Genero Adran Trophy, then TNS in the Bute Energy Welsh Cup. Thank you for your support.