RUGBY for girls has been given a huge boost in Ceredigion with the formation of hubs to promote the game in the county.

Aberystwyth’s newest Girls Rugby Hub teams played their first games at Aberystwyth RFC on Sunday for the second round of the Scarlets Hub Competition against South Pembs Sharks.

The relocation of the hub from Aberaeron to Aberystwyth was part of a negotitation with WRU for the provision of female rugby in Ceredigion.

A new hub has been formed in Lampeter with under 12, 14, 16 and 18s teams forming a pathway for players to then go on to play for the Lampeter women’s team.

The WRU hubs are women's rugby environments with age groups ranging from under 7 to under 18 and give women the chance to continue playing rugby after finishing with the mixed rugby team ages.

The Lampeter hub and its teams are called 'Teifi Timberwolves' and will join the other 37 hubs that have already been established in Wales.

Hub chair and Lampeter Women coach Reth Davies said: “"The reason I pushed so hard to get the hub is because it's a pathway for girls to go on to play for the women's team in the future and as the WRU is lowering the age of mixed rugby from under 13 to under 11 girls have to go to a hub to play after 11.

“Lampeter were the only women's side in Wales without a hub to support them so it was important to push for one.

“The aim now is to build the numbers in the hub and to create a successful path from the 'minis' to the women."

After been given the green light by the WRU for the formation of the hub, Teifi Timberwolves posted: “We knew there was huge potential for a girls rugby hub in the Lampeter area to give our local girls an opportunity to play the game they love.

“We applied and waited patiently for the WRU to make their decision. When the news broke, it was time to put our plans in motion and get this party started!

"What a ride it’s been so far! Training for all ages has started, kit planning, sponsor sorting, forms filled, courses booked, transfers and applications done.

“The registration night was a huge success with 65 girls registered to our u12-u18 teams, and more have joined since.

“We have players joining us from eight different schools in the surrounding areas.

“The first three games of the season have been played and won. Phew, it’s been a busy month!”

They added: “ This process hasn’t come without it’s frustrations and we have lots still to do, and will continue to as the hub grows. But look at what we’ve achieved so far already.

“All done for the love of the game and for ensuring our girls get the opportunity to play.

“There are so many thank yous to make, without these people we wouldn’t have got as far as we have already.

“Thank you to Lampeter Rugby Club for being our host club and for cheering us on.

“To Nerys and Reth for believing in us, fighting for us amd making this happen.

“But the main thank you is to the girls and their families, for trusting the process whilst the plan took shape.

“We wouldn’t be where we are without the amazing families we have backing our corner.

“The wolf pack is growing, from the little ones to the big ones, the kids to the grown ups, players to supporters, male and female, we are all a part of this amazing team.

Further information on their Teifi Timberwolves Girls Rugby Hub Facebook page.