Gwynedd Council is urging people to be patient and co-operate with roadworks on the A493, despite temporary traffic lights stationed there for years “constantly breaking down” and fears there will be a major accident.

The council say they “are aware of several incidents” on the Friog Hill–Llwyngwril stretch of the A493 where a concerned Cambrian News reader said temporary traffic lights were set up for two years.

“They keep breaking down on a daily basis, meaning cars at both ends are proceeding through red lights,” they said.

“High season hasn’t started yet. It’s worrying to think what may happen if two caravans are coming through at the same time.”

A council statement on Facebook says: “We are aware of a number of incidents recently at this location involving the traffic management setup and we have been monitoring the situation as well as discussing different options with the traffic management provider to ensure we have the safest method in place.

“To address this safety issue, waiting times for traffic could reach up to five minutes at this location.

“Therefore, we ask kindly for your patience and co-operation whilst these measures continue to be in place.

“We are hopeful there will be an update soon on the project to rectify the safety fence and see the road fully open. “Thank you for your co-operation.”

But the concerned reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “Their statement doesn’t mention the fact these temporary lights have been there for two years, nor that there are barriers to the cliff that are not safe or secure.

“It also doesn’t mention these lights keep packing up. I don’t think anyone would object to a five minute wait, but we are having situations where it’s red on both sides and not changing after 15 or 20 minutes.”

Other worried drivers responded to council’s statement on Facebook.

One said they travel from Tywyn to Arthog on a daily basis and they are “appalled” at the length of time the repair work is taking, adding that they fear someone will soon be “seriously injured or killed” if the situation does not improve.”