The incredible tribute band Bootleg Blondie will bring this summer’s live music events at Cardigan Castle to an electrifying close on Saturday, 5 August.

Established in 2001, Bootleg Blondie is the only tribute to have performed with two original founder members of Blondie, legendary drummer Clem Burke and songwriter, bass player and author Gary Valentine. BB had the honour to be thanked on Blondie’s 11th album, Pollinator, and have played at the world-famous CBGB in New York City.

In 2019, to celebrate 40 years since the release of Blondie’s iconic album Parallel Lines, BB played two UK tours with Clem Burke under the band name CBBB (Clem Burke & Bootleg Blondie).

Still to come at Cardigan Castle is the return of the glorious Illyria outdoor theatre productions, starting with Twelfth Night on 17 August, followed by Robin Hood on 1 September.