Krystal S Lowe’s Mud Pies premieres at Aberystwyth Arts Centre this week.

The Bermuda-born Wales-based choreographer and dancer brings her newest work to Aberystwyth on Tuesday, 24 October.

Mud Pies is a reclamation of green spaces and all the well-being they hold for us. It’s a revolt against “act like a lady” being used as a synonym for clean, quiet, and gentle. Mud Pies is a call to get messy, be loud, and fearlessly explore the beautiful green spaces that weave throughout this land.

In the hills of Blaen Bran, Krystal spent the day rediscovering and reclaiming her freedom in green spaces. Using dance, video footage, and soil she’ll share this exploration with you.

Through this intimate and dynamic display of physicality, Mud Pies will share the journey one woman takes, using the physicality of gardening and exploration of the green spaces surrounding her, to learn how mess and mistakes are essential to well-being, self-love, and freedom.

Following the performance, there will be a post-show discussion on reclaiming green spaces and how this act connects with art.

Mud Pies isn’t just a piece I’m presenting but it’s a very real journey of self-discovery, self-love, and reconnection with green spaces that I am currently on,” said Krystal.

“I really look forward to sharing this work with audiences in Aberystwyth!”

Mud Pies premieres at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on Tuesday at 7.45pm.