Neuadd Dwyfor in Pwllheli welcomes two top musicians this weekend.

Each the master of his instrument, Robin Huw Bowen and Salih Hassan will take part in the venue’s concert on behalf of the Embrace the Middle East.

This charity supports Christian partners in Egypt, Palestine/Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, in their work of helping the most vulnerable. More information can be found at

The oud, the western lute’s parent, is still played throughout the Middle East in a vibrant living tradition.

By contrast, the Welsh triple harp tradition survived a thin patch in the mid-20th century to be revived – largely through the efforts of harpist Robin – and take its place once again in the 21st century at the heart of Welsh traditional music.

Robin represents the very soul of the Welsh musical tradition.

For over 25 years he has forged a career as the only full-time professional Welsh triple harpist, introducing the Welsh triple harp and its music to thousands all over the world.

Salih is Palestinian – his family are from Haifa. They were forced to flee to Syria in 1948, his father as a little boy of four, and Salih was born in Syria.

When he was nine his father began to teach him to play the oud.

After many travels Salih found a home and a welcome in Cardiff, where he is known as the foremost performer on his beautiful instrument. His music reflects his traditions and the life of his people.

Robin and Salih perform at Neuadd Dwyfor on Saturday, 21 October, at 7.30pm.