A brand new interactive dance and film experience is heading our way.

Montgomery born choreographer, Gwyn Emberton and Welsh dance company, Jones the Dance / Y Ddawns will bring Y Dewis to venues in Bangor and Aberystwyth.

Y Dewis (The Choice) follows the story of four cool but questioning young people, each with a tale to tell. They meet in the desolate ruins of Porth Wen brickworks on Anglesey and with the help of an MC and host, and the on-screen narrator (who narrates in BSL), the audience decides how their stories unfold. The collective choices that the audience make will reveal surprises for each of them and maybe for the audience too.

Jones the Dance are based in mid Wales. They have worked with Swedish filmmakers, Sekai Media and Theatr Clwyd, supported by Amdani! Conwy, Dawns i Bawb, Pontio and Deaf Hub Wales.

Y Dewis by Jones the Dance. Photo: Full Mongrel
Y Dewis by Jones the Dance. Photo: Full Mongrel (Full Mongrel)

The film element is intimate, interactive and cinematic, weaving together English, Welsh and BSL. Its mix of dance and story, all set against an exquisite natural backdrop that is engulfed in an industrial past, is a celebration of Wales, Welsh dance, and the hopes of young people.

Choreographer and Artistic Director Gwyn Emberton said: “Y Dewis has been five years in the making. I was inspired to create something that responded to how young people feel, now in Wales. We work with many young people in different parts of the country, and all of them have helped shape Y Dewis. It is inspired by their stories and feelings about life choices, wellbeing, politics, gender, sexuality and the fight for equality; the things they say about what it means to be young in Wales and working out who they are in the world. I also wanted to try creating a new way for audiences to experience dance and film that is exciting and original and I think we did it.”

Y Dewis comes to Pontio, Bangor on 4 May (7.30pm) and to Aberystwyth Arts Centre on 17 May (6pm).

Suitable for all ages but ideally 9+.