Llyr Gruffydd MS has been nominated unanimously by the Plaid Cymru Senedd Group as the party’s Acting Leader subject to ratification by the party’s National Council on Saturday.

The NEC approved a motion allowing the Plaid Cymru Senedd Group to invite nominations for the position of interim Leader.

Adam Price has quit as party leader of Plaid Cymru

Plaid Cymru’s National Council will meet on Saturday to ratify the decision.

A new Leader will be in place in the summer and a timetable outlining the process of electing a permanent Leader will be communicated to party members at the earliest possible opportunity.

Plaid Cymru Acting Leader elect Llyr Gruffydd MS said: “I’m grateful to the Plaid Cymru Senedd Group for nominating me as Acting Leader elect.

“I would like to thank Adam on behalf of the Plaid Cymru Senedd Group for his vision, commitment, and dedication over the last four years.

“Our focus is now on moving forward together to deliver on behalf of the people of Wales, and to foster a better culture within the party.

"I hope members will entrust me with the responsibility of leading that work until we elect a new leader.”