Two food and drink establishments in Ceredigion have been handed a one-out-of-five hygiene rating following inspection in recent weeks.

Y Caban Tresaith and The Barn at Pengarreg Caravan Park in Llanrhystud were both given the low rating after assessment on 4 July and 25 July respectively, the Food Standards Agency website shows.

Although Y Caban's cleanliness and condition of facilities was deemed 'good', inspectors said major improvement is needed in the hygienic handling of food and management of food safety, which includes system of checks to ensure food sold or served is safe to eat.

At The Barn at Pengarreg, major improvement is needed in the management of food safety and some improvement in hygienic food handling is also required. The cleanliness and condition of facilities was deemed generally satisfactory.

Other food establishments across the county have fared much better, with the following receiving the top rating of five: Black Lion, Llanrhystud; Black Lion, Aberaeron; Hendrewen Social Club, Stag's Head, Llangeitho; and Wetherspoons Yr Hen Orsaf, Aberystwyth.

Meanwhile, Chef China in Llandysul has been handed a four rating, and Ffab at Siop Gomer in Llandysul and Pizza Marmaris Fish 'n' Chips in Bow Street have both received a three.

To check a business' food hygiene rating, go to the Food Standards Agency website.