Urdd Youth Theatre Company will bring their new show to Ceredigion and Gwynedd.

‘Ble mae trenau’n mynd gyda’r nos a chwestiynau mawr eraill bywyd’ (Where trains go at night and life’s other big questions’) offers a unique theatrical experience where the audience will be invited to join the cast of 23 young people from all over Wales on a playful train journey.

“It's important we offer a range of opportunities to our young people each year, as well as our audiences,” said Branwen Davies, Urdd Youth Theatre Coordinator.

“This year the production has enabled a group of young adults interested in writing to create something special and unique. A few members are autistic or neurodiverse, and seeing them thrive over the last few months has been the best thing ever!

“Our aim was to create a colourful, energetic, insightful and intriguing theatrical experience that offers the audience an escape into an imaginary world, and to forget the world and its problems. It was also important that we took theatre to people’s doorsteps.”

The writing process started in October with 26 young people coming together for a series of sessions at Urdd residential centres to discuss/develop ideas.

Cast member Raaes Richards, also involved in the writing process, said: “We took part in various activities, toured Pembrokeshire, rapped with the Mari Lwyd, and of course there were writing workshops, using images as inspiration to create short stories.

“I love being part of a project like this’ it helps me develop new skills and boosts my confidence.”

Jona Milone, also in the cast, added: “The show is completely unique, new and pushes the boundaries of theatre and it’s incredibly exciting to be part of the experiment!

“Hilarious dogs, umbrellas full of memories and clothes with soul - the show takes us as actors and the audience on a journey.”

See the show at Cardigan Castle on 28 (7pm) and 29 June (2pm and 7pm) and Y Ganolfan, Nefyn on 27 July (7pm).

Suitable for all ages, tickets include light refreshments and proceeds will go to a local charity.